Exclusive Sales

Noor Fine Jewels owns and exclusively offers its clients one of the world’s finest collections of fancy colored diamonds. We have an international network of collectors, connoisseurs and private investors that rely on us for confidentiality when sourcing and selling their fancy colored diamond and jewel collections.

Our strategy is to offer the world’s rarest and finest diamonds and jewels. We do not compete with traditional luxury brands on retail positioning and pricing power which sustains shareholder value and brand image but doesn’t serve the client. We also do not compete with auction houses using bidding and brokerage functions that inflate pricing via impulse selling, buyer premiums and sales commissions.

Our exclusive sales offering guarantees our clients the finest fancy colored diamonds and jewels with maximum return on investment. We always protect our clients and guarantee our diamonds and jewels via buy-back and exchange options. No luxury brand in the world offers such quality reassurance as does Noor Fine Jewels.